With, you no longer need a real estate agent to sell a home. You do what you can. The service handles the rest.

Do what you can do on your own

Selling a home costs money. It has always been possible to take on some of this job yourself, working with a lawyer. But there has never been a satisfactory alternative to a real estate agent, someone who can handle both the seller and the buyer in a secure manner. That is, until the launch of

The solution is set up so that you can quickly establish a real estate advertisement and choose the services you need.

Secure and trustworthy

Selling a home is something you do only a few times in your life, so Propr’s brand must communicate both trust and security. The colour palette is economical and conservative, with a few selected contrast colours dedicated to important calls to action within the service. Images and videos have a natural documentary tone to highlight the fact that the process of selling a home is simple and that the service is something everyone can use.

Man walking past a Propr display sign.

We’ve designed Propr’s visual identity and have expressed it on their signs and websites. Photo: Einar Aslaksen.

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Detailed description of how Propr works in practice.

«Behalf has really contributed to the success of Propr. We couldn’t have had a better design partner on our side.»

Kjetil ErikssonCEO of Propr AS

Order the exact services you need for your housing sale.


We’ve been a part of developing the service from the very beginning and are proud to see that we’ve succeeded in producing designs that yield concrete results.

Boosted conversion

More of the people who visit now choose to register to try the service. From when the first changes were launched in spring 2018, the conversion rate has increased by more than 140%.

Increased willingness to pay

The conversion rate has also increased by 290% for those who chose to remain as paying customers.

Excellence in the Visuelt Award won the Visuelt Award 2019 in the Services and Tools category.

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