The chefs at the Culinary Academy (Kulinarisk Akademi) teach you how to make food with recipes customized for your mobile phone.

Foodsteps is the app that makes it easier for you to make good food. Photo: Einar Aslaksen.

Step by step

Recipes are broken down into simple steps, with short videos showing how the chef works. You can concentrate on one thing at a time, allowing you to continuously compare what you're doing to the video.

The recipes are written, made, and recorded by the chefs in Foodsteps.

Smooth and tight

The font, icons, and animations consist of smooth shapes and motions. They balance the precise, almost strict language used in the recipes.

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The icons, colors, and typography describe a product that is simple, unpretentious, but also of.a high quality.

The chameleon

The colors automatically adapt to the pictures. This allows us to make a colorful app without having the colors clash with the images. For food, it's especially important that the colors have a good harmony.

The colors change automatically to best suit the content.

  • Symboler og tall
  • Ikoner med betegnelse

The icons are designed with the same scale and design language as the font.

The font was developed in cooperation with Good Type Foundry. The capitalized letters mix the design of numbers and letters.

Numbers and similar capitalized letters side by side;  2Z, 3E, 4A and 9Q.

In collaboration with Good Type Foundry, we've created a font that is wholly unique while still being easy to read.

Screenshots from the app.

Foodsteps offers recipes, weekly menus, and cooking courses.

The forgotten pages

Pages with privacy policies, settings, and search results often tend to be forgotten or less prioritized in traditional design processes. We believe that an eye for detail strengthens the user experience.

We've considered the pages that are often forgotten.

«Foodsteps would never have appeared the way it does today without the excellent collaboration we've had with Behalf. Like us, they're passionate about uncompromising quality, and we respect and complement each other wonderfully. Behalf has also shown project management that really commands respect. »

Espen Vesterdal LarsenFounder and Chairperson of Foodsteps AS
  • Kokk med morter
  • Eple- og fennikelsalat.
  • Jian bing, and og hoisin-dip.
  • Ramsløksmør.

From the top left: Jonas Modell, CEO of Foodsteps. Apple and fennel salad. Jian bing, duck, hoisin dip. Ramson butter. Photo: Morten Sjøvik.


In collaboration with the chefs from the Culinary Academy, we've transformed the vague concept of video recipes into an app that offers a completely unique service for everyone who wants to teach themselves how to make good food in a simple and educational manner.

Satisfied users

Since launch, we've offered all new customers 30 days of free access to the app. 65% of users who try the free trial, choose to stay as paying customers.

The DOGA Award for Design and Architecture 2021

"Finally, a digital cookbook that actually works! By thoroughly accounting for the users' situation and needs, the Culinary Academy has made a tool that is appealing, accessible and fun to use." (From the jury's evaluation.)

"Visuelt 2021" Gold Medal Award

"We love the idea of getting help to make food by a real chef, step by step - at your own pace and with no performance anxiety. Here, you see how a cookbook can become a digital product." (From the jury's evaluation.)


Good Type Foundry

Font development.

We Oslo

Visual concept collaboration.

Teston:Start-up of the company and design of service for digital user testing.