What we do

We're really good at making digital products, taking them from idea and concept to launch.

Identity and branding

Get a brand new brand or modernize the existing branding. Whether your company needs a new name, a new visual identity, or a unique style and tone — we'll uncover together who you are and how you can stand out.

As part of the branding, we can deliver design systems, templates for social media and slides, business cards, roll-ups, posters or other merch.

Websites and development

The websites we create are tailored to achieve your company's goals, ensuring they're easy to use and accessible to anyone. We design, develop, and configure the CMS, domain, and other necessary integrations. Usually, we use Sanity, which provides a solid and user-friendly rig that's easy to maintain.

Digital products

Sometimes, developing a dedicated app for the product is essential. Other times, a support system is needed, such as an admin portal, a patient management system or a CRM. We have built all this and much more. We enjoy taking part in creating something new and challenging.

Business development

Many of the ones we work with only have a good idea and expertise in a specific field. To ensure that an idea becomes a success, we help with market definition, concept development and product management. We have extensive experience working with startups and are used to assessing and refining ideas and developing them into viable concepts.


Talk to experts who have been where you are now, and you will avoid headaches and firefighting in the future. We provide advice on running a startup right from the start, as well as on team management and personnel follow-up in startups and more established companies.

If someone in the company needs to discuss topics like UX, content, project management, tech, or design, we'll help. We can evaluate your product, help refine and describe an idea, and give a "second opinion" about work from other providers and agencies.

We also have expertise in universal design and can help you evaluate the digital channels to make them accessible to everyone.

Courses and talks

I Behalf har vi flere erfarne kursholdere, blant annet med undervisnings- og fagansvarserfaring fra NTNU. Trenger bedriften et kurs i innholdsforvaltning, hvordan skrive for web, universell utforming, brukervennlighet eller noe annet vi er gode på, skreddersyr vi et opplegg for akkurat dere.

Vi kan også tilby ulike opplegg for foredrag til konferanser, inspirasjonssamlinger, kickoffs eller andre anledninger.

We have several experienced lecturers in Behalf. We offer courses in content management, writing for the web, universal design, UX, and more. If you need something else, we can create a custom course just for you.

We can also offer various programs for lectures at conferences, inspiration gatherings, kickoffs, and other occasions.

Filling a role

Do you need a Design Lead, Tech Lead, or Product Lead? In addition to leading our projects and collaborations, we also take on this responsibility for companies while they are looking for the right person. And, we'll help with recruitment, onboarding, and handover. This is particularly important for small companies and startups because assessing skills lacking in your company can be challenging.

Slik jobber vi

We master most methods, processes, and techniques in digital product development. Our people have unique expertise and have been part of Norway's leading professional environments for user and customer experience for many years.

Methods don't matter

While the professional field is characterized by trends, buzzwords, and new concepts, we're most concerned with having the right focus. Methods like design thinking, service design, and brand sprints can be helpful, but they are not the end goal. We don't deliver a design sprint or an agile project. We provide a solution to the problem you need help solving.

Design and functionality

It goes without saying that what we create is user-friendly and inclusive, improving the experience for anyone who uses the product or service.

There's no contradiction between usability and aesthetics. We're not satisfied until we've made something that works, is easy to use and looks good.

One team

When we collaborate with other companies, we work as one team in parallel. It's not you and us—we develop the product together and share successes and challenges.

Make, test, iterate

We start creating something as soon as we know what problem to solve and how to solve it. The best and most efficient way to build products is to make something, test it, and iterate until we get it right.

We work according to a strictly prioritized backlog where we all have ownership and regularly reprioritize.

Challenge, not comply

We have made products in most industries. The best results come when we use our experience and expertise to challenge the status quo and not choose the easiest way out. Usually, we have many opinions along the way, ensuring that the products we create maintain a high quality that stands the test of time.