Maxbo is one of Norway’s biggest chains of hardware stores with over 75 warehouses. is the biggest.

New purchase flow for mobile at

Major variation

We’ve made a new design system that is used for both internal and external systems, where customers and salespeople work using the same user experience.

More examples of modules and components from the design system.

Design and code

All design, interaction, animation, and logic are documented in semantically coded HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The properties for each individual component are precisely documented and exemplified to show use areas in practice.

A button should look the same across all sites. A shared design system makes it easy to re-use all assets.

Online sales

With millions upon millions of annual visitors, is one of Maxbo’s most business-critical sales channels. Online shopping entails clear needs that must be covered by the design system.

Put the items you want in your shopping cart, choose your delivery option, confirm and pay. Ensuring good conversion in this, the most important sales flow, is critical.

The online and in-store shopping experiences should be connected. Photo: Thomas Ekstrom.

Tools for salespeople

Maxbo’s salespeople make more than 80,000 deals each year. To make this process easier and more efficient, we’ve put together a new, streamlined flow for creating offers, adding the right items, and handling further dialogue with customers.

Overview for all salespeople, with quick access options to make deals for professional customers.

The design system works just as well for bright sales websites as it does for complex item lists, with the option to override cost prices and give individual discounts.


Photo: Thomas Ekstrom.

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