A tool for sales and customer management in digital product companies.

We challenge the giants

A small Norwegian startup wanted to challenge Salesforce and Hubspot in the CRM industry. How hard could it be? Behalf joined right from the start.

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Breyta delivers a service that is rigged for product-led sales and customer relations that puts the user in the driver's seat.

Brand that stands out

Breyta competes in a technical industry characterised by soulless brands and generic user experiences. The result is that all services are similar to each other.

We wanted to be different, and the name reflects that – Breyta is Icelandic for change.

Illustration of a sailor with a sextant navigating by the stars (illustrator: Børge Bredenbekk)
  • Two typefaces: Tartuffo and Suisse Int'l
  • Breyta logo on yellow

In the concept, the old and the new converge. Just as star charts and compasses once aided adventurers in navigation, we will assist users in recognizing patterns and connections in customer data.

Examples of user interface components
  • Illustration of a hand that draws star charts (illustration: Børge Bredenbekk)
  • Examples of icons

The brand and all design principles have been developed as the product has taken shape.

To make the complicated simple

We aimed to make technical and complex customer data comprehensible, using design to tell a customer's story.

The data model has been rewritten three times, and the team has engaged in challenging discussions concerning technical matters like entity resolution, data conflicts, and scoring models.

Part of the team

Designers and developers from 8 countries have worked side by side to create a service that addresses real user problems, packaged in a new way.

  • The Breyta team
  • Two colleagues in front of a screen
  • Playing chess at a company retreat
  • Relaxing and sunbathing on a company retreat

We operate at our best when we become a part of the team. Standups, workshops, and discussions by the coffee machine are important arenas to participate in. Breyta invited us to their strategy meetings and Christmas parties.

«Breyta raise nearly 50 million Norwegian kroner"»

ShifterSeptember 9, 2022

Investors first

The founders wanted a focus on sales and presentation right from the beginning. Therefore, we opted to invest time early on in crafting the narrative around Breyta and prioritized sales touchpoints.

Visual identity, landing pages, and rapid prototypes contributed to Breyta securing investments of 50 million Norwegian kroner in 2022, thereby buying more time and opportunity to continue developing an ambitious product.

Slide from a sales presentation

Excerpt from one of Breyta's sales presentations. We were involved in developing the investor pitch and sales materials.

«I knew I wanted to work with Behalf from day one. They don't just create something that looks and feels good, but also works well for the users.»

Chris MoenCEO & Founder of Breyta

Working for shares

Behalf entered as Founding design partner for Breyta and worked for equity during the first half-year. This enabled the fledgling company to bring in senior design expertise right from the start.

We are willing to work for sweat equity if we believe in a startup. By doing so, we take on risk from an early stage and contribute to ensuring the company gets the best possible start.

Illustration of a sailor with binoculars (illustration: Børge Bredenbekk)

Building independent teams

We are no longer part of the Breyta team, and that's intentional.

We can fill the roles that are missing early in a startup, such as Product Lead, Design Lead, and Tech Lead. However, in the long run, that responsibility should be moved in-house.

At Breyta, we participated in recruiting and onboarding talented designers and product leaders who have now taken over the work.


50 million in funding

Breyta secured, in an early stage, a substantial investment round of 49.7 million Norwegian kroner, including participation from Norwegian Snö Ventures and Dutch Peak.



We have collaborated with a strong internal team at Breyta, consisting of technologists, designers, marketing, and sales.

Børge Bredenbekk



Founding tech partner.


Founding design partner. Visual identity, product design, UX, and design system.

Remin:Design and development of 220 municipalities most important infection tracking tool during the pandemic.