Faktisk aims to bring more people the facts. With a new look, they achieve the same credibility in their appearance as they do in their field.

A new website that provides excellent readability, and strong editorial control for the board of Faktisk on the back end.

Two sides of one story

This visual concept is based on the core of what Faktisk works with: A claim is one side of the story - the conclusion is another. We put two brackets together to make the F in the logo. The brackets are also used to distinguish between claims and conclusions in the articles, animations, forms, and elsewhere.

Two fonts

We gave claims and conclusions each their own font to further highlight the distinction between them. Two very different fonts ended up being selected - one very minimal and another with more of classically pretty style. The stark contrast between these fonts is actively used to distinguish between different types of content.

Two fonts: Unica77 and Tiempos

For example, the two fonts are used in the website menu to separate between editorial content and information about Faktisk.

Two colours

Black and white was the obvious choice for a fact-checking organisation. This scheme also plays on the concept of there being two sides to a story.

Together, we’ve put together a broader palette of supporting colours for use in graphs, diagrams, and similar elements.

«We find that our new visual identity gives us a greater sense of credibility, and that it’s more in line with who we really are.»


A website

The new website is user-tested and adjusted to ensure a good reading experience, while also making it easy for other publications to find and use the content Faktisk produces.

Forsiden til faktisk på mobil

Editorial control

The content is now managed through the CMS Sanity, which allows Faktisk to weigh, place, and promote many types of content on the front page. Multiple people can also edit articles simultaneously, with auto-save and version checking features. This makes work on content far more efficient than before.

Faktisk.no: Front page

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